So simple we let you do this

Answer what's important

your audience decides which are the important questions

Let your audience ask and vote on questions so you can prioritize the most pressing ones

Shine on your presentations

most upvoted questions displayed in big screen

Presentation Mode allows you to focus the audience on the question being answered. Big screen ready!

Connect to your enterprise

supports google apps and enterprise requirements

Yep. Mobile, Google Apps login support, subsidiary companies, security, and more!

Some of our customers

About Us

Kiunei started in mid-2015 when Google decided to shut down its Q&A tool, Google Moderator. When we found that there were no good alternative solutions, we decided to setup Kiunei with even better features, yet keep a very simple interface. Within a few months, Kiunei has grown to serve several large organizations and include support for conference organizers, with audiences of up to 500 active participants.

We're based in lovely Buenos Aires, Argentina. We really appreciate our users comments and questions. In the mean time, we invite you to use Kiunei and hope it serves your needs.